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Cycle Inner Tubes

Why not add to your order a spare inner tube, just in case you get a puncture out on the road, it is much quicker and easier to slip in a spare tube than to try and mend a puncture on the road-side, you can always repair the puncture tube when you get home, oh and always check the tyre for sharp objects before you fit the new spare tube. Run you fingers around the inside of tyre, shards of glass and thorns are a favourite cause. For more information about finding the right size inner tube see below.

Cycle Tube Sizing Information: If you are unsure of what size you need just look around the sidewall of your tyre on your bike, somewhere the size will be printed, do not try and measure the wheel because tyre sizes are not measured in this way.

Look out for sizes such as 16 x 1.75, The first measurement (16) is the most important as this is the circumference the second measurement (1.75) is the width and this can vary. You may have 1.50 / 1.90 or 1.95, this will not matter as a tube size of 16 x 1.75 will still fit a tyre size of 16 x 1.95, this can be said for all metric tyre sizes. If you have a really old cycle you may have odd sizes such as 16 x 1 1/8", in this case a 16 x 1.75 will not fit. On the whole most modern bikes will have metric size tyres, but if you are in any doubt please do contact us before purchasing.