Steel Barrel Bicycle Track Pump with Gauge

Track Pump Alloy Barrel with Gauge

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  • Floor Track Pump
  • Floor Track Pump

High pressure steel piston barrel track floor pump with integrated pressure gauge measuring up to 12 bar (174psi).

Features an ergonomic integrated T-handle and sturdy base and come with a duel valve head allowing the pump to be used on most types of bikes with Presta (Road bikes/Sports bikes), Schardar (children's/MTB/Hybrids) or Woods (old style city bikes and children's bikes) type valves, you can even pump up air-beds and footballs with the supplied adaptors.

• Comfortable ergonomic grip
• Fits most kinds of valves
• Tough sturdy base
• Integrated pressure gauge up-to 12 bar / 174 PSI

WAS £26.99

NOW ONLY £19.99

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