Cycle Bar End Mirror

Bar End Mirror

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  • Bar End Mirror

Cycle Bar End Mirror by Oxford.

This is an ideal Trail Gator accessory to enable you to keep an eye on what is going on behind, seeing what the little one is up to and to warn of on-coming traffic.

This mirror fits neatly in the bar end of you cycle's handlebar.

Can be fitted to either the left or right side, or you could buy two and have double the vision.

You can fully adjust the viewing angle and this barend mirror comes with it's own allen key.

Fitting tip!
To make the fitting a little neater, do not cut the end of your grip with a knife, instead get a rubber or wooden mallet and hammer the side of your grip, gradually the handlebar will cut the exact hole need into your grip, then you can fit the bar end mirror and it will look like a professional fitted it.


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